The Learning Express Preschool, Plymouth Michigan
The Learning Express Preschool, Plymouth Michigan

Classrooms Designed for Learning

preschoolOur classrooms are designed to encourage your child's inquisitiveness and to facilitate a healthy learning environment. The classrooms are spacious and well equipped with multiple unique learning stations to promote development, social interaction, individual exploration, and creative skills with our extensive free art center. Our low student-to-teacher ratio and unique classrooms offer a stimulating, secure, and intimate environment for children to learn.

Fresh and Clean
We take cleanliness very seriously and take significant precautions to ensuring a clean and healthy environment for children. Our classrooms are sanitized beyond licensing requirements to significantly reduce and prevent the spread of germs. We encourage children to wash their hands throughout the day by singing songs and teaching lessons about health and hygiene including respiratory etiquette. All spaces and objects that children come in contact with are regularly disinfected.

Safe and Secure Environment
We take every effort to ensure the safety of your child, our safety and security procedures are strictly enforced. Some of the highlights include:

Security: Although we offer an "Open Door" policy, as a security feature, our main doors (south entrance) are locked once class begins and they will reopen fifteen minutes prior to pick up. Visitors are welcome to visit the school during this time; however you must use the doorbell to gain entrance.

Visitor Precautions: Photo identification is required from all unfamiliar visitors. Only authorized persons may pick up a child; those unfamiliar to our staff will be asked to provide identification. See parent handbook for more details.

Emergencies: We adhere to all Health Departments, Fire Marshall and Michigan licensing regulations. Regular fire and tornado drill are conducted and in conjunction with our local safety agencies we have devised emergency plans for various contingencies.

Qualifications: The teachers and assistants have extensive experience in the field of early childhood development; they are trained in first aid / CPR, and have degrees in education. In addition we conduct background checks to ensure trustworthy teachers, assistants, and volunteers.

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